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Long Nails Definitely Attract Attention

But at what price?

Don't you wonder how they do it? Those women you see operating computer keyboards or cell phones with impossibly long nails. It doesn't seem natural to allow them to grow so long and it certainly doesn't seem like it makes their life easy to function with them at that length, sometimes up to an inch and a half! It boggles the mind to wonder how women with long nails wash their hair, pump gas, do up buttons and zippers or even open bags of chips! Even scratching an itch must present somewhat of a challenge. For all the inconvenience, there is a definite pay-off of the attention-seeking kind. The longer a lady's fingernails are, the more attention she is bound to attract to herself.

Health issues
There are a few health issues that surround long nails. The first is obvious: catching a nail in a car door or anything else for that matter can be dangerous because if it bends back, it can injure the finger. Secondly, typing with long fingernails can lead to RSI (repetitive strain injury) because the typist is forced to use the flat of her fingers instead of the tips. When you adapt the flat-finger position, you compromise the structure of your hand, which results in discomfort over a period of time. Operating machinery can be particularly hazardous with long fingernails. The above issues can mean the difference between employment and unemployment, as they tend to narrow your options for jobs. Additionally, a study carried out by an infectious-disease specialist in Halifax, Nova Scotia found that nails longer than one inch are at five times a higher risk of carrying the pathogens that cause staph and yeast infections than short, regularly-trimmed ones. False nails such as acrylics are also more prone to bacteria and more difficult to disinfect. Washing hands becomes far more important with longer fingernails, as does cleaning beneath the nails.

As far as long nails go, most people either love or hate the look of them. For the women who wear them, though, they insist that their long fingernails are beautiful and they wouldn't be without them. Many men find them incredibly sexy, especially when painted in a bright, glossy color, or perhaps decorated with diamantes, glitter and airbrushed pictures. Women such as Pamela Anderson and Anna Nicole Smith are poster girls for impossibly long nails and it's clear that their physical assets are impressive on more counts than just what's at the end of their fingers!

Long nails means greater surface area on which to paint or decorate. Some women take great pride in the artwork they have applied and happily change it weekly or more or less frequently.

Obviously, an active woman who enjoys playing tennis or basketball will have distinct problems dealing with long nails, and ten-pin bowling would really be out of the question! Playing a guitar is out, so is stuffing a turkey. Driving a car presents difficulties, as do regular household chores such as making beds, ironing clothes, washing dishes and vacuuming the floor.

Long nails are an expression of individuality and being able to change the look of them on a whim is priceless to the women who keep them. As long as they are maintained in a clean and healthy condition, and they don't restrict one's lifestyle unreasonably, there's no reason why anyone should tone them down or trim them short.

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